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Chimney Flashing

Typically, chimney flashings are more complex than other types of roof flashings and are a common source of roof leaks. As a rule, chimneys are either masonry or metal. Some chimneys are clad in wood, stucco or aluminum siding. Round metal chimneys will be flashed much like pipes.

If you see or feel leaks around your chimney, or notice that your ceiling has water stains, you may need to replace the flashing on your chimney. You should then consult with a professional. We have seen far too many chimneys with tar applied on and around the chimney to try and prevent it from leaking. This “Do It Yourself” method does not work. We use a process consisting of two layers of metal being applied to the brick and placed in between each individual shingle. We always grind a thin notch out of the chimney and place the counter flashing in it, then apply a polyurethane caulk for a flexible and long lasting seal.

Chimney Flashing in Genesee County
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